Get all employees under manager in oracle

This is a great example of a requirement to return a subtree. Please refer to this Wikipedia page if you do not recognize terms like subtreenodeor level.

Suppose the given eid is 2. So we are looking for all nodes that are in the subtree of 2. Here is one solution which uses nested subqueries:. There are many approaches to subtree problems, and this one certainly appears straightforward enough. However, our choice of solution should always be governed by practical considerations.

Is this a practical solution? Absolutely, yes. We have only four levels of data. Therefore, the query needs to "walk down" at most three levels from any given node. Try the query with the given node 1 to confirm. Of course the query will still work!

However, if a given node has more than three levels below it, only the first three levels down from that node will be returned. What to do, what to do?

Obviously, one answer is simply to extend the nested subquery pattern in the query to an additional level. You betcha! For the employee hierarchy, in the real world there is no such thing as an unknown number of levels. Ask the HR department. Then extend the query as many levels as necessary, plus one or two just to be safe.

The number of levels is not really the issue here. Instead, it is the more practical consideration of whether umpteen levels of data producing an exponential bazillion rows of output is really of any use to anyone.

Perhaps limiting the results to four levels down isn't such a bad idea. See also Categories and Subcategories for additional thoughts and query examples.

The employee hierarchy is an example of the adjacency list modelrecognized by its use of a "parent id" in this case mgrid. For other data structures, where there really is an unknown number of levels, consider using a different data model. Continue Reading.

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In a webinar, consultant Koen Verbeeck offeredSummary : in this tutorial, you will learn how to join a table to itself using Oracle self join to query hierarchical data and compare the rows within the same table.

A self join is a join that joins a table with itself. A self join is useful for comparing rows within a table or querying hierarchical data. A self join uses other joins such as inner join and left join.

In addition, it uses the table alias to assign the table different names in the same query. Note that referencing the same table more than once in a query without using table aliases cause an error. See the following employees table in the sample database. To retrieve the employee and manager data from the employees table, you use a self join as shown in the following statement:. This query references to the employees table twice: one as e for employee and another as m for manager.

In this tutorial, you have learned how to use an Oracle self join to query hierarchical data and compare rows within the same table. Introduction to Oracle Self Join A self join is a join that joins a table with itself.

how to find the number of employees under each manager

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And if you want to include the president which has no manager then instead of an inner join use an outer join in Oracle syntax:. The answer you selected will not list your president because it's an inner join.

I'm thinking you'll be back when you discover your output isn't what your I suspect homework assignment required. Here's the actual test case:. The difference is that an outer join returns all the rows. An inner join will produce the following:.

This would tell the engine that for the inner emp table, empno should be matched with mgr column from the outer table. I'm asking, becuase i'm not even sure if the following will work or not. Learn more. How to get the employees with their managers Ask Question. Asked 9 years ago. Active 1 year, 7 months ago. Viewed k times.

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JYelton You would have to look at the empnos to find the managers of each one. You need to do a self-join to get this relation. Active Oldest Votes. Xint0 Xint0 4, 1 1 gold badge 24 24 silver badges 29 29 bronze badges.

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I would like to understand how you came up with that. You gave the correct output but I would like to understand how you got that. Thanks for your help I found what I was looking for. You need to self-join to get this relation.

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Brian Roach Brian Roach Which are not the same. There was a dangling comma after 'Manager', fixed it while editing to add the mployee numbers. Lambs Lambs 91 4 4 bronze badges. Pramod Deshmukh Pramod Deshmukh 67 5 5 bronze badges. Funka Funka 4, 2 2 gold badges 21 21 silver badges 27 27 bronze badges. I'm looking for ideas how to rewrite it.

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Oracle Self Join

Podcast Ben answers his first question on Stack Overflow. The Overflow Bugs vs.Last post Jan 31, AM by ziaahmedshaikh. Now the question is that what should be the single line query or best solution if i want to get all employess under a perticular manager? I am using SqlServer with asp. Please click Mark As Answer if this helped in solving your problem. However in a hierarchy, we need to use recursive logic. Take a look at this post that explains it all.

Please indicate. Reply ziaahmedshai EmployeeID But the above query will display the names of managers in front of employee, as the following query would do What i need is the hirarcy of all employees working uder any perticular employee. For example: What are the names of employess who are under 'B' Now we need to display all emplyees whom's manager is 'B' either directly or indirectly. My best wishes are with YOU and also all others who contributed in this discussion with me to solve my problem.

Thanks - Have good time. How to get all employees under any perticular Manager Employee! Print Share Twitter Facebook Email. Thanks alot. Re: How to get all employees under any perticular Manager Employee! Vikram www. EmployeeID Please click Mark As Answer if this helped in solving your problem.

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How to find Top Three Salaries from employee table ?

NET Tuts.This section lists common implementation errors, error messages and frequently asked questions in troubleshooting Resource Manager. This section contains information on some of the common implementation errors associated with implementing Resource Manager. If it is not available, then perform the following:.

After the concurrent program completes, view the log file generated by pressing the "View Log" button. See if any errors are reported. Cause : This problem occurs when invoking the Salesperson form from the Accounts Receivables menu. It occurs under the following circumstances:. Double click from the navigator menu and a small blue window with a red bar row is received with no legible fields or label markings.

In Find form, check for find values by Key flexfield. In the Title Field, choose from the list of values "accounting flexfield" and click Find. There is an extensive list of values. To the right, there is a box called "Effective" title. Check for it's other title "Hierarchy, Qualifiers. You can add values and check them as parent but this is not necessary, you can simply write down a few values that are checked as parents.

For example, the first value Total asset is checked as one. Receivables uses the general ledger accounts that you enter there in combination with your AutoAccounting rules to determine the default revenue, freight, and receivable accounts for your invoices. Create a new salesperson. Enter a name and a sales credit type from the list. If you open the list and see account aliases, click OK. A form in which you can enter a department value and an account value appears.

In the account values list, verify the parent values observed in step 2. For example, the first value might be Total asset.How can we use SQL to get all employees under one managereither direct or indirect I only can think the following SQL to get the first direct employee. Query to find out employees who are all joined before Manager. For Example the Table may look like. I have Employees and Salary columns in emp table. So i have nearly employees. I need to show top 10 employees who has maximum salary.

I borrowed some code fragments from other posts and put together a sql query. I think there is a better method in other posts but I couldn't get them working. I'm trying to get the count of hired employee s using the EMP table.

I want from the first hire to the last and ALL in between. If there were no hires in that window, I want 0. I would like to get Each year and the number of employees joined in the corresponding month for jan, feb, mar and april from emp table. A sample output looks like below. I am having a table employees with columns 1.

I have to display count of employees that belongs to different categories. I got the following out put. How can I create a query to display the total no of employees and, of that total, the number of employees hired in , To find all the employees whose salaries greater than avg salary of the department.

I used Scott schema. I take 2 blocks ,one block having Deptno,Job and also 1st block is a non database block and Another Block Empno,ename,job,sal,deptno, is a database block,my question is when i enter Deptno,Job then Display Employees Details and also Department name.

There is a attendance table having structure empid number,signtime datetime It has data of attendance of employees: What is the right sql to show employees detail attendance according to the no of days attendance. According to the maximum no of attendance first and so on suppose: 3 employees abc,bbc,cca abc has 20 days of attendance ,bbc has 21 days,cca has 19 days.

I am having a database running in my windows server and I want to configure Enterprise manager for that database to check the resource utilization during the peak hours and also the number of transactions Click on Help to get more version specific information" when i am giving scott the dba rights then it is connecting. We recently upgraded our Databases from Whenever i click an Agent on the Grid Control it gives me this error: "Communication between the Oracle Management Service host to the Agent host is unavailable.

Any functions or displayed information requiring this communication link will be unavailable. Don't know what is wrong. Sep 21, I have to display count of employees that belongs to different categories.

Mar 4, Get the highly paid two employees from each department with all details? Aug 22, How can I create a query to display the total no of employees and, of that total, the number of employees hired in , Mar 28, I used Scott schema. Aug 21, I am having a database running in my windows server and I want to configure Enterprise manager for that database to check the resource utilization during the peak hours and also the number of transactions Dec 20, i have already give the grant option cnnect,resource to scott but it is not connecting to enter prise manager console of Oracle database 11gR1.

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get all employees under manager in oracle

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get all employees under manager in oracle

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get all employees under manager in oracle