Mod 12 asynchronous counter

A ripple counter is an asynchronous counter where only the first flip-flop is clocked by an external clock. All subsequent flip-flops are clocked by the output of the preceding flip-flop. Asynchronous counters are also called ripple-counters because of the way the clock pulse ripples it way through the flip-flops.

The MOD of the ripple counter or asynchronous counter is 2 n if n flip-flops are used. For a 4-bit counter, the range of the count is to 2 4 A counter may count up or count down or count up and down depending on the input control. The count sequence usually repeats itself. When counting up, the count sequence goes from,When counting down the count sequence goes in the opposite manner:, The complement of the count sequence counts in reverse direction.

If the uncomplemented output counts up, the complemented output counts down. If the uncomplemented output counts down, the complemented output counts up. There are many ways to implement the ripple counter depending on the characteristics of the flip flops used and the requirements of the count sequence.

mod 12 asynchronous counter

Asynchronous counters are slower than synchronous counters because of the delay in the transmission of the pulses from flip-flop to flip-flop. With a synchronous circuit, all the bits in the count change synchronously with the assertion of the clock. Examples of synchronous counters are the Ring and Johnson counter. It can be implemented using D-type flip-flops or JK-type flip-flops. It counts down. With advertising revenues falling despite increasing numbers of visitors, we need your help to maintain and improve this site, which takes time, money and hard work.

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To prevent false alarms produced by a single sensor activation, the alarm will be triggered only when at least two sensors activate simultaneously. Solve Puzzle Now! Toggle navigation electronics-course. Prerequisite Pages The D flip flop is a basic building block of sequential logic circuits.

Related Pages A Truncated Ripple Counter uses external logic to repeat a ripple counter at a specific count rather than run through all possible combinations of the bit patterns before repeating itself.

Ripple Counter A ripple counter is an asynchronous counter where only the first flip-flop is clocked by an external clock.A counter is a device which can count any particular event on the basis of how many times the particular event s is occurred. In a digital logic system or computers, this counter can count and store the number of time any particular event or process have occurred, depending on a clock signal.

Most common type of counter is sequential digital logic circuit with a single clock input and multiple outputs.

The outputs represent binary or binary coded decimal numbers. Each clock pulse either increase the number or decrease the number.

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Asynchronous stands for the absence of synchronization. Something that is not existing or occurring at the same time. In computing or telecommunication stream, Asynchronous stands for controlling the operation timing by sending a pulse only when the previous operation is completed rather than sending it in regular intervals.

Ripple Counter

Now we understood that what is counter and what is the meaning of the word Asynchronous. An Asynchronous counter can count using Asynchronous clock input. Counters can be easily made using flip-flops. As the count depends on the clock signal, in case of an Asynchronous counter, changing state bits are provided as the clock signal to the subsequent flip-flops.

Those Flip-flops are serially connected together, and the clock pulse ripples through the counter. An Asynchronous counter can count 2 n - 1 possible counting states.

mod 12 asynchronous counter

As there is a maximum output number for Asynchronous counters like MOD with a resolution of 4-bit, there are also possibilities to use a basic Asynchronous counter in a configuration that the counting state will be less than their maximum output number.

Modulo or MOD counters are one of those types of counters. The configuration made in such a way that the counter will reset itself to zero at a pre-configured value and has truncated sequences. To get the advantage of the asynchronous inputs in the flipflop, Asynchronous Truncated counter can be used with combinational logic.

Modulo 16 asynchronous counter can be modified using additional logic gates and can be used in a way that the output will give a decade divided by 10 counter output, which is useful in counting standard decimal numbers or in arithmetic circuits.

This type of counters called as Decade Counters. Decade Counters requires resetting to zero when the output reaches a decimal value of To reset the counter, we need to feed this condition back to the reset input. Each JK flip-flop output provides binary digit, and the binary out is fed into the next subsequent flip-flop as a clock input.

In the final outputwhich is 9 in decimal, the output D which is Most Significant bit and the Output A which is a Least Significant bit, both are in Logic 1.A digital binary counter is a device used for counting binary numbers.

Digital counters mainly use flip-flops and some combinational circuits for special features. The name ripple counter is because the clock signal ripples its way from the first stage of Flip-flops to the last stage.

There are two types of counters. Synchronous counters and Asynchronous Counters. The asynchronous counter has many types. Some of them are given below. Ripple up-counter starts counting from 0 and counts up to its maximum range. Its range depends on the number of flip-flop being used. Ripple up-counter can be made using T-Flip flop and D-Flip flop.

Designing of counters using flip-flops differs from each other with the type of flip-flop being used. The state table for the 3-bit counter is given below:.

The only thing which is not common in these stages is the clock signal. It means that the flip-flop will only toggle when the clock pulse hits the flip-flop. So the clock signal of the succeeding T-Flip flops has to be managed in such way that the Flip-flop toggles when they are supposed to.

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Suppose positive edge sensitive T-flip flop is being used in the design. According to the state table of up-counter.

mod 12 asynchronous counter

Q 0 is toggling continuously so the external clock will be fed to the flip-flop FF 0. It will toggle the Q 0 upon the positive edge of the clock signal. Q 1 toggles when Q 0 goes from 1 to 0. It means that the Negative edge of Q 0 toggles Q 1.Remember me.

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Asynchronous Counter

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Digital Counters

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You May Also Like.Counter is a sequential circuit. A digital circuit which is used for a counting pulses is known counter. Counter is the widest application of flip-flops.

It is a group of flip-flops with a clock signal applied. Counters are of two types. The logic diagram of a 2-bit ripple up counter is shown in figure. The toggle T flip-flop are being used. But we can use the JK flip-flop also with J and K connected permanently to logic 1. External clock is applied to the clock input of flip-flop A and Q A output is applied to the clock input of the next flip-flop i. Q A is connected to clock input of FF-B.

So it will also toggle, and Q B will be 1. Since this is a positive going change, FF-B does not respond to it and remains inactive. So Q B does not change and continues to be equal to 1. Hence it toggles to change Q B from 1 to 0.

If the "clock" pulses are applied to all the flip-flops in a counter simultaneously, then such a counter is called as synchronous counter. So FF-A will work as a toggle flip-flop. As soon as the first negative clock edge is applied, FF-A will toggle and Q A will change from 0 to 1. Hence FF-B will not change its state. So Q B will remain 0. But at this instant Q A was 1. Hence Q B changes from 0 to 1. On application of the third falling clock edge, FF-A will toggle from 0 to 1 but there is no change of state for FF-B.

On application of the next clock pulse, Q A will change from 1 to 0 as Q B will also change from 1 to 0. A mode control M input is also provided to select either up or down mode. So either T flip-flops or JK flip-flops are to be used. The LSB flip-flop receives clock directly.

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This will operate the counter in the counting mode. For a ripple up counter, the Q output of preceding FF is connected to the clock input of the next one. For a ripple down counter, the Q bar output of preceding FF is connected to the clock input of the next one.

Synchronous Counter Design

So connect Q to CLK. So connect Q bar to CLK. These connections are same as those for the normal up counter. These connections will produce a down counter.

So in general, an n-bit ripple counter is called as modulo-N counter. Digital Counters Advertisements. Previous Page. Next Page. Previous Page Print Page.

mod 12 asynchronous counter

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