Windows tablet gps

Included below are the steps to using external bluetooth GPS receiver with the app.

Windows 10 Tablet car computer GPS Microsoft maps test

Please select yes when prompted. We have verified that the following app available on Google Play is compatible with i-Boating client for Windows surface, tablets and PCs. You can download it directly from Google Play by clicking on the link below. This app is very user friendly and efficient.

It uses AGPS. So you get a really fast fix. It also starts its own background service. So once you tap on the "Start" button, you can switch to any other app on your phone. User login. Log in. If you have a Windows 10 device, this is the recommended we to use GPS.

Please note that this does not include windows phones. All Windows phones come with a built in GPS receiver. Note that this needs to be done outside the app. You must verify that your device appears under serial port in device manager.

Top 6: These Are The Best Windows Tablets In 2020

Select the device you wish to use. It is important that you configure the baud rate, device bits and parity for your device. These settings vary across devices. This will list all the bluetooth devices paired with your tablet. Tap on the Bluetooth GPS device you wish to use. Troubleshooting steps Please note that bluetooth GPS receivers can only work with only one device.

Do not expect the same GPS receiver to work simultaneously with two tablets. If you run into issues, the best option is to unpair your bluetooth receiver from your tablet and re-pair it again.

During testing we found that with a Toshiba laptop running, we had to unpair two bluetooth devices that were paired with the laptop. Select your bluetooth GPS in app settings. Allow app to access bluetooth when prompted. Use split screen to access both the app and bluetooth settings screen simultaneously. Tap on the 'Android Phone' you wish to use. Limited time sale - USA Installing this app to a device that you want to track, it quietly records its locations GPS, WiFi, or cellular triangulation and uploads to a secured server.

Using this app, you can track the whereabouts of your Windows 10 devices, both personal and business. For business, you can track your employees sales agents, technicians, delivery personnel etc through tracking the devices that they carry. After you download and install the app, you are asked to register your user name and password. Once the app is started, you can monitor its location in the FollowMee web site.

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windows tablet gps

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Privacy Statement. Skip to main content. Wish list. See System Requirements. Available on PC Mobile device Hub. Show More. People also like. Windows Maps Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Waze Rated 3 out of 5 stars. Excel Mobile Rated 4. Office Lens Rated 4.

Cache Cleaner Pro Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Word Mobile Rated 4. Fresh Paint Rated 4 out of 5 stars. What's new in this version - Bug fixing.

Tracking Multiple Devices: You can track unlimited number of devices in your account. For business tracking, you should use the same account for all your devices. All your devices are on the same map.What is the best Windows tablet in ? Every year a lot of new 2-in-1 tablets are released by Microsoft, Lenovo, Acer, and other brands. Some of them are very similar to each other, others offer unique features.

Most are released with a keyboard and an active pen. And all of them run Windows So which one is the best? Here are the seven best Windows tablets you can buy in Yes, I did review all of the Windows tablets I listed here.

They are linked below and you can find all of my reviews here. While the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is fairly expensive, it does offer a premium design, a great keyboard cover, and an excellent stylus.

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It features a high-resolution Again, its only real downside is the price. You have to buy the Type Cover and the Surface Pen stylus separately. However, both are excellent. The keyboard is comfortable and the pen supports pressure points. Other aspects like battery life are great too. The Microsoft Surface Pro 6 is a fantastic alternative to the Surface Pro 7 if you want to save some money.

In fact, their design and screen are almost identical. It has the same high-resolution Now, as you might expect, the performance is not identical. The Surface Pro 6 is chipped with Core i5 and Core i7 processors of the older 8th generation. However, if you need as much power as possible, you should go with the newer one.GPS Satellite provides the location and course data calculated from your phone's global positioning satellite GPS receive in conjunction with received orbiting global position satellite signals.

This will come to Windows 10 mobile after some testing by customers. View the nice guide page explaining all features! Tasks can be performed on the tasks page.

GPS-GPX Logger

NASA photo of the day provided. Holding your finger on the map page for a second, you will get the latitude and longitude of that position in addition to the other data. Privacy policy: Upon your actions, this application accesses your location to display and can, of your choice, save the location to a file. You may also load the file or share the location. Compass location traffic. Windows 10 desktop - Save and Load location data.

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UWP native for desktop released. Fix for shown altitude on map. Translate to English. Stay informed about special deals, the latest products, events, and more from Microsoft Store. Available to United States residents. By clicking sign up, I agree that I would like information, tips, and offers about Microsoft Store and other Microsoft products and services. Privacy Statement. Skip to main content. GPS Satellite. Wish list.

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See System Requirements. Available on HoloLens. Description GPS Satellite provides the location and course data calculated from your phone's global positioning satellite GPS receive in conjunction with received orbiting global position satellite signals. Show More. People also like. Compass Rated 3. Windows Maps Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Waze Rated 3 out of 5 stars. Maps Rated 3. Scanner Rated 4 out of 5 stars. Windows Calculator Rated 4.Due to high volumes, response times in the community may be delayed over the next few days.

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Thank you! Microsoft Support. Any news on GPS integration with maps used offline? The mapping software provided by, say, Garmin is remarkably inferior and overly complicated by comparison and really no better than using the satnav on its own, with all its built in limitations. What do you mean by GPS integration? Did this solve your problem? Yes No. Sorry this didn't help.

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Thanks for your feedback. Now Maps crashes out on load anyway and deleting and reloading it and all the maps has no effect. It doesn't load. Blue screen, black screen, crash. I've reported that up here and had no answer, except being told to reload it, which doesn't make any difference.

Its all playing together well now but why oh why Microsoft couldn't just maintain support for standard Bluetooth version 1. Maybe someone from Microsoft can throw some light on this? Microsoft are also missing a major opportunity by not making the GPS Receiver in their Band 2 compatible with Windows 10 tablets and laptops.

The problem is that it is difficult to move on to design flaws in the product with such an obvious bug causing problems. An example of MS know best? Furthermore, when I travel down a motorway for many miles which 'Maps' says does not exist, you would think that at the next internet connection during update the 'Maps' system might acquire that data for consideration. Not sure I can see where you're coming from Dave Gayler, surely before adding further detail to the map content and that includes revisions due to road changes and additionsits worth making sure existing hardware that worked with previous versions of Windows such as my fTech Bluetooth GPS Receiver which complies with the above Bluetooth and GPS standardsshould at least work under Windows 10 natively.

This means those responsible for the integration of Microsoft Maps into Windows 10 need to do some bug fixing. Its all well and good complaining about roads missing from your map data but I've had that problem with other far more established GPS mapping providers. At least you are getting some roads showing in the first place! If you want to know more about how Windows 10 has 'broken' support for many existing GPS hardware receivers including those that connect through 'non-proprietary' Bluetooth.

Surely the fact that people are going to the trouble of developing software to get around this common issue should indicate Microsoft has dropped the ball. I agree with much of your comment. However, once you have circumvented the very real problems with GPS which I accept are a major concern, there is little point in having a voice and image system which indicates time after time that you must take a road which no longer exists, never existed and will never be built.

As soon as you find a road which is useless you cannot trust the mapping system or many other SatNavs to give you alternatives. As far as I can see this system is based on the "it'll do" principle:- it'll do for the accountants so the user can shut up. I hope after the Vista debacle and all that cost MS that approach to software release is being abandoned. It would seem that in the case of the Maps app it is still alive and well. Since getting Windows 10 Maps up and running on my tablet using GPSDirect I've not encountered any such errors in my albeit limited testing so clearly 'your mileage may vary' depending where you go and which maps you use.

About the only improvement so far that I'd like to see other than fixed support to work fully and natively with my 'standard' Bluetooth GPS receiver is the ability to display speed on just an ordinary non-directions generated map.

My old TomTom did this and it's a useful feature.If you're looking to buy the best rugged tablet it's likely you've got a particular task you need it for - ruggedized tablets work in scenarios and for functions where normal tablets just won't cut it.

Rugged tablets are designed to withstand hard knocks, long drops, high or low temperatures, moisture, dust and more, yet still provide a great user experience at the same time.

windows tablet gps

They've been put through rigorous testing to make sure they can survive the extremes of what you can put them through. That makes rugged tablets perfect for people working outside, in extreme locations or in busy environments, as the tech can be the ideal tool for a range of various functions that your standard smartphone, tablet or rugged phone can't withstand.

This does mean that they come with a slightly higher initial outlay compared to standard tablets, but it's worth remembering that they can save money in the long one, as you don't need to repair or replace damaged rugged tablets as often — if at all.

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While you won't get a rugged tablet that's as slim and light as the iPad Air 2it doesn't mean you should have to lug around a chunky and unwieldy tablet either. If you think a conventional tablet like that might be better for your work, check out our list of the best tablets instead.

So, to help you find the best rugged tablet, we've put together this list, which gather the top shock and drop-proof tablets on the market today.

Weight: 1. The best rugged tablet you can buy right now is the Getac UX10, from Getac which is known for its well-protected and versatile devices.

The Getac UX10 is a fairly customizable rugged tablet, as you can pick from a variety of Intel Core CPU options and there are a variety of accessories you can pick up to tailor the UX10 to a variety of work situations. This makes it fairly versatile, and along with its decent screen specs, rugged protection and various high-storage options, the device is great for work out in the field.

Getac doesn't publish a price for the UX10, but you can request a quote for the device at the Getac website, by clicking here. Weight: 0. The Panasonic Toughbook A3 is a great tablet for outdoor work with lots of protection, a screen that's well suited to use in bright daylight, and lots of customization options for field workers. The tablet works well in busy environments too, with loud speakers to be heard over din and there's also enough tech inside for it to be a useful tablet for a range of functions.

You can buy the Panasonic Toughbook A3 at Panasonic's websiteor for more information, read our full review. Weight: g Dimensions: x x If you're looking for a rugged Windows tablet that can withstand an impressive amount of punishment, then the Getac F is an excellent choice. Its durable body can withstand moisture, extreme temperatures and drops, without it being bulky or heavy. The most recent version of this tablet comes with 6th generation Intel Core processors, so there's plenty of power here, and a dual battery system means you can easily swap them out without having to pause.

There are a few other Getac devices out there, but this is one of the only that's rugged enough to make our list of the top spots the company makes rugged laptops too. Dell is a respected brand that makes rugged tablets as well as other devices, and its Latitude Rugged Extreme tablets often appear on this list.

The EX rugged tablet is one of its newest device, and the most deserving of a spot on this list, as it's an upgrade on some of Dell's previous similar devices with a more up-to-date processor, and more protection.

It's quite a pricey tablet, and it won't win any beauty pageants, but if you're looking for a rugged slate that'll easily do the job with modern compontents and all-around decent specs, it's worth considering the Dell Latitude EX Rugged Extreme. Weight: g Dimensions: Not all rugged tablets are designed to withstand temperatures, knocks, dust or water, some are meant to protect from the most destructive force of all: kids. The Lenovo 10e Chromebook is designed to be great as a learning tool for children.

The tablet is fairly big and well-protected, and its processor, memory and storage are all designed for the kinds of tools a child will be using, so there's not plenty of storage space or processing power but it's enough for schoolwork and learning. You can also buy an optional keyboard now to turn the device into a pseudo-laptop. The Panasonic Toughbook CF is a 2-in-1 rugged device, which means it has an attachable keyboard that allow it to work as either a laptop or as a tablet.

The battery life is a bit on the short side compared to other rugged tablets on this list, but you can quickly swap out the battery when you need extra time. You can also buy extended batteries that double the run time from 10 hours to This is an additional cost, however. Unlike other rugged tablets on this list, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2 isn't designed for industrial-grade protection.As posted above, I am looking for a Windows 10 tablet. So far, I haven't found any mainstream brands with GPS built into them.

windows tablet gps

Does anybody here happen to know of any? Sure some models are missing but a start. Cellular iPads have GPS You can get stand-alone GPS receivers that will connect to tablets via Bluetooth, or an iPad's charging port He was referring to a Win10 device iPads are nice but don't really run operating systems from Redmond. Windows tablets with GPS as a rule are harder to find. I actually use this very combination and it works very well! As for Windows 10 native tablets It should also be noted that the rarity of Windows 10 tablets with GPS is a direct function of the fact that Windows 10 tablets period are rather uncommon.

There is less and less coming out as tablets--more common nowadays are large Android "phablet" phones on the small end, and around " convertible laptops that can be used as either a tablet or as a full laptop --and are designed much, much more towards an actual laptop form factor. Unfortunately, they're also designed towards a laptop price point This works better with the larger tablets and 2-in-1 devices that have a full USB slot.

Microsoft Streets and Trips, for one, needs this--then again, Streets and Trips is abandonware. HERE Maps is good enough, though, that you probably won't be using anything else save for maybe Sygic or CoPilot both of which have actual "Windows Store-ified" versions that don't need special tools to use the internal GPS on a tablet. Seems like an awful lot of stuff to work thru to make a Windows tablet functional as a GPSr Sorry I offered factual information that's applicable to the subject of GPSrs on tablets albeit on a tangent to the OPs pacific question I'll not dare to do that again Thank you everybody for the replies.

Are There Any Windows 10 Tablets That Have A GPS Receiver Built Into Them?

I am in no huge hurry, but my Nexus 7 Android tablet will no longer work. I guess I got my moneys worth out of it, but I miss it and want a replacement of some sort. I n the meantime I am getting by with borrowing my wife's Apple iPad Mini. I am trying to avoid having to buy two or three tablets, but I still might end up having to buy more than one.

I am an amateur radio operator and I would like to have the ability to use some of my radio programming software on a tablet, thus the reason for a Windows 10 device.

I have it on some of my Android phones, but they obviously have native Android. Maybe I will look around to see if there are any forums for the Lenovo devices. Log In Sign Up. Login or register to post comments. Jim 13 years. Jim wrote: As posted above, I am looking for a Windows 10 tablet.

The Acer Iconia W4 is also another Win8.